Aluminium Dross Blades

Aluminium Smelter Furnace Dross Skim Blades & Stirrers - Range and Applications

Specially designed Stirrers, Rakes and Skim Blades for use in molten aluminium furnaces. Made from our own specially developed erosion / corrosion resistant material.

In comparison to standard tools, Prem-tech tools can last up to 10 times longer. Iron contamination is significantly reduced to assist optimum grade aluminium production.

In conjunction with the special material Prem-tech design the blades in a way that offers the customer the maximum lifetime achievable. This combination of both material and design is the key to reduce the number of stirrers required - hence reduced production costs.

Prem-tech aluminium stirrers / blades are easily connected to existing Cast-house equipment and are now in operation at some of the world's largest aluminium producers.

Prem-tech Skim Tools provide:
  • Up to 10 times increase in life
  • Signficant reduction in down time
  • Large savings in maintenance costs
  • Reduced additions costs
  • Reduced number of Skim Tools purchased per year
  • Reduced contamination

Available with other componenets used in a molten aluminium environment where corrosion / erosion is a problem including siphon & tapping tubes.