Steel Making Cooling Sprays

Steel Making Cooling Sprays - Range and Applications

Premtech High Performance Coated Caster Cooling Sprays
  • Air Mist
  • Flat Fan
  • Hollow Cone
  • Water Only
  • Fog Jets

Our range of Continuous Caster Cooling Sprays give high performance and efficient cooling of Slab, Bloom and Billet and can be fitted to most of the major OEM continuous caster designs – SMS, Voest Alpine VAI, Siemens, Danieli etc.

Premtech cooling sprays offer a unique advantage over existing cooling sprays in that they are surface-coated with a hard, wear-resistant material to prevent nozzle aperture wear and subsequent flow rate increases. This limits the risk of overcooling, maintains both spray pattern and spray distribution and requires less frequent nozzle change.

Benefits of the coating include reduced blockage caused by calcite / scale / debris build up.

The coating repels surface particles to give a ‘self-washing’ action which reduces the risk of blockage and subsequent under-cooling of the steel product.

The coating also acts as protective layer to prevent the spray nozzle being damaged by the high temperature environment experienced in a caster.