Spray Refurbishment & Testing

The Prem-tech coating is a new technology to prevent calcite formation and blockage in nozzle and water-air mixing chamber to ensure optimum cooling in Continuous Caster machines and Mills.

Problems are encountered on casters due to inefficient cooling caused by nozzle blockage resulting in cracking and in extreme cases breakout.

Current plant practice is to simply replace with new at high cost.

Prem-tech collect, clean, spray pattern test, report and the coat your spray components at a fraction of the cost of new.

Full quality-assurance documentation is provided for all refurbished nozzles for inclusion in QA manuals.

The special coating not only resists calcite build up but gives a high hardness to reduce nozzle tip wear - giving superior plant life and performance versus NEW.

The Prem-tech process allows nozzles to be refurbished multiple times.

New coated nozzles can be provided as direct replacements for OEM supplied parts.

Prem-tech offer this service on a worldwide basis - however, should you require the equipment and technology to set up this process yourself, please contact us so we can submit a full turnkey operation quotation.

In conjunction with Prem-tech spray refurbishment we also offer a full spray bank reclamation service which includes pipework repair, cleaning and testing, new fittings where required and set-up to drawing.