Dummy Bar Heads

Prem-tech process allows for the cost-effective reclamation and hardfacing of Dummy Bar Heads used in the continuous casting process.
  • Full as received inspection
  • Full reclamation including stress relieve and temper
  • Accurate and rapid machining using CAD modelling and high speed CNC machining
  • Repeat reclamation
The Prem-tech process and welding consumables provide:
  • Rapid removal of cracked materials to allow cost-effective repair
  • High speed MIG welding for build up and hardfacing
  • Stress relieve and temper to obtain the desired hardness
  • Excellent thermal fatigue resistance
  • Wear resistant
  • Procedures available for both forged and cast Dummy Bar Heads

CAD models of the machined Dummy Bar Head and pocket profiles to allow high speed CNC machining.

Ask us about repairing your existing Dummy Bar Heads or NEW supply.